Ronald Reagan

13 Feb

Ronald Reagan had an actor’s good looks, air of confidence, and a reassuring manner that appealed to many voters. He was not, however, a great president or a great thinker. In fact, he was a “B movie” actor with the intelligence of a “B movie” actor. His ideological belief in and promotion of “trickle-down” economics led to the shipping of US jobs abroad, the loss of our manufacturing base, and the de-regulation of Wall Street; all of which led to economic crisis we now experience, and the economic “trickle” that most Americans now live on.   Meanwhile, the ruling-class members of the Grand Old Party are bathing in their Champagne filled Jacuzzis.

Americans prefer fiction to fact, and the Republican canonization of Reagan because of his “central casting” appearance and manner rather than acknowledging the consequences of his policies is another sad reminder of American’s preference of style over substance.


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