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The South Has Risen Again

8 Oct

“The South shall rise again” –and it has.  The Republican party’s “plantation mentality” is now America’s economic model.  Here’s how it works: you either own the plantation (big banks, Wall Street, multi-national corporations, CEOs, etc.), or you’re picking cotton for slave wages.

The Republican party’s relentless attacks on funding for education, health care, the environment, science, and the arts, has been devastating to our quality of life.  Their attack on business regulations created the Wall Street meltdown, the subsequent taxpayer bailout, and the economic crisis we are in now.

“They’ve never met a war they didn’t love”, however.  Their advocacy for “pre-emptive wars” against sovereign nations who are no threat to us and who, moreover, never threatened us –resulting in the deaths of thousands– has infuriated and radicalized millions of people throughout the world who were formerly our friends and allies.  We have created the enemies we now must defend ourselves against.

To the corporate media (Fox, CNN, et al) who are desperately trying to “control the message” and trivialize the protesters in NYC by describing them as “unspecific”, I say America’s economic and social inequality is “specifically” what Occupy groups are protesting.  We are in the prelude of the “American Spring”.


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8 Oct

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